I wasn’t expecting much from my post to be honest. It isn’t so much that I didn’t have trust, yet the possibility that I posted on craigslist seeking after something great to really happen was relatively ludicrous. One morning I had browsed my email… and I had a to a great degree hard time trusting Miss B was genuine… . genuinely excellent with long hot legs. It was after a few messages that I understood she was very genuine. She needed to discover somebody to investigate an alternate road of sexuality with, and I was sufficiently fortunate that she reacted to my include Definitely… I was cheerful, energized, apprehensive, turned on, and out and out frightened in the matter of what could happen on the off chance that I really proceeded with it. Be that as it may, I was resolved to at any rate investigate the open doors that Miss B and I could offer each other.

(Miss B) Walk third I got my first email reaction from JJ. This was the first occasion when I saw his face… it was solid and great looking. I to was upbeat, energized, anxious, turned on, and terrified about what might happen. So started our week long email correspondence becoming acquainted with minimal about each other, trading pics, giggling, and making arrangements. I discovered that JJ has a live in sweetheart, so he was no more peculiar to sex, however his involvement with a young lady like myself was exceptionally constrained and he may require me to give him bearing and still didn’t know whether he would be completely happy with going down on me (JJ was an amateur), yet he would attempt his best to satisfy me, and would ensure I achieved peak somehow. Our designs had been set for Sunday 3/10/2013 on his arrival trip home he would make a four hour side stop at Miss B’s. JJ’s assessed landing time was 10:00, we kept imparting as he was driving and I was hurrying around preparing for him, straight up to the minute he pulled up before my home. Any sentiments I had of being terrified had since a long time ago vanished, there was only cheerful, energized, and turned on beating through my body.

(JJ) As I headed to get together with Miss B that morning my brain was generally quiet… as quiet as one can be before meeting somebody from the web, CL considerably less. I believed her even before getting together however. The nearer I got, each time we messaged… my heart began beating slightly harder in suspicion of who anticipated me. I was resolved not to safeguard. The time was accessible. She was sitting tight for me. Furthermore, I needed her.

When I at long last stopped, I half strolled raced to her entryway. I did not understand what’s in store. Thump. The entryway opens. In I go, and am welcomed by a slim, excellent, surprising, provocative young lady. I investigate her up n down. She took a gander at me curiously… I requesting that her turn around so I could show signs of improvement look. My considerations, trusts, n delights were altogether met. I contemplated internally… well… that was the critical step… 4 hours… I ponder where we’ll begin

(Miss B) I simply completed the process of preparing, presented myself with a glass of red wine, JJ would pull up any moment now. I had on a bend embracing knee length red dress and new combine of 6 ” dark foot rear areas, underneath a coordinating pair of red and dark bra and underwear set… thump… he’s here, just breath. I opened the entryway, JJ strolls in and I’m welcomed with a warm provocative grin… he is considerably more good looking face to face. I grope his eyes moving and down my body, my look is still bolted on him… considering his face which was all the while donning that hot grin. JJ approaches me to turn around for him so he can get a decent take a gander at me… whirling around on my toes… I again encounter him. We quickly grasp and our lips bolt together our arms wrapped firmly around each other… my head is turning… this is truly happening. I pull away to inquire as to whether he might want a drink, JJ answers “not thank you I’m fine ” again our lips secure an enthusiastic kiss. JJ at that point tails me into the parlor… swinging to confront him and take in the picture of this attractive young fellow, he is wearing a white shirt and pants. Grasping our hands following the diagram of our outlines as our lips associate and our warm tongues investigate each other… JJ pulls back to disclose to me I’m an extraordinary kisser, his lips secured with the tint of my red lipstick, I answered “so are you”! Truly if throughout the following four hours whatever we did was kiss, I would have been in paradise, that is the manner by which extraordinary and hot it was. I took this minute to pull off JJ’s shirt, running my hands over his manly chest… evacuating his pants uncovered some spandex biking shorts that did nothing to shroud the layout of his substantial shake hard rooster. We kept kissing, my hand rubbing the swelling plot in his short and JJ’s hand investigating my mystery stowing away underneath my dress. I achieved my hand down into his shorts… feeling the warmth from his hard shaft in my grasp… running at the tip of my finger over the head of JJ cockerel… he was wet with precum. I needed his rooster, I needed it at this moment. pulling off his shorts, his hard rooster presently liberated, I again ran my finger over the head getting my finger great and secured with his precum and after that running my finger over his base lip and tenderly sliding my finger into his mouth… at that point kissing him before dropping down and licking the salty man goo from the tip of his chicken and afterward sliding the full length of his maleness down my throat, sucking his tasty cockerel. all while gazing toward him, my blonde hair falling marginally over my face.

(JJ) I essentially was in distress. I hadn’t gotten off in near two weeks, and we had been animating each other consistently up till our gathering. My cockerel was throbbing so awful. It required help. It required her. When she took me in her mouth, I think she knew from that minute forward I was hers to do with whatever she enjoyed. When she was finished acquainting herself with me, we stood, sat, and laid. Kissing, touching, stroking, and investigating each other’s bodies. It was something unnaturally characteristic. I immediately learned she felt weak at the knees over gnawing, as she groaned in bliss at whatever point I bit her. Between breaths she considerately inquired as to whether I’d like a glass of water. I said… “no I’m… ” she gave me a look. “Truly ma’am, I’d love some water please. ” More on that to come later. For the present, she went… in her incredibly attractive dress and high foot rear areas… with her long provocative legs … to bring me a glass of water. I readily drank up, and she reported she would be ideal back. She needed to slip into something “somewhat more agreeable “.

(Miss B) As I left to “slip into something more agreeable ” I could feel JJ’s eyes on me… .mesmerized by my walk. In the room I unfastened my dress and slipped on a short red negligee trimmed in dark ribbon, still in my dark 6 ” heels, I reapplied my red lipstick and came back to the lounge where JJ was sitting exposed on the couch, his extensive hard cockerel anticipating out between his solid legs. I sat down close to him… he wrapped his hands around my midsection as we twisted in and beginning kissing with an extreme energy. I pulled away and started kissing JJ’s manly chest… first around his areolas, working my way down toward his navel… leaving a trail of red lip prints… proceeding down his glad trail I took his cockerel in my grasp licking the precum for the tip and afterward sliding his length between my lips, gazing toward him as he watched his chicken vanishing and afterward returning. I sat up and we bolted lips our tongues moving hotly together. JJ guides me in reverse onto my back licking my ear and afterward gnawing my neck I groan delicately… his hand comes to up under my negligee and tenderly pulls my underwear aside uncovering my mystery… gradually he starts to stroke my chicken… as yet gnawing my neck he moves his lips to mine kissing me… pulls away and gives me his mischievously provocative grin… pulling up my negligee leaving my stomach and rooster uncovered… JJ moves down and begins kissing my stomach around my navel… he gazes toward me and says ” here runs ” with my cockerel in his grasp he starts licking the head delicately a few times previously wrapping his warm lips around the leader of my rooster gradually bringing my length into his holding up mouth… he at that point begins licking my inward thighs and with the two hands he gets the backs of my knees lifting them up finished my shoulders, driving my can up and cheeks spread… he first licking and investigating my pierced corrupt… moving his tongue down and over my tight pink gap.. he dives his tongue somewhere down all through my opening… tongue fucking me… working his path presently back to my inward thighs sucking and gnawing me… while he fingers me. My groans are currently out load and wild… I absolutely never need him to stop… my body feels climatic… . he climbs kissing me again on the lips… getting the highest point of my negligee and bra pulling them down… he starts licking my punctured areolas at that point sucking and gnawing them… . my noisy groans are just quieted by my heaves for air… .. no one has ever constructed me feel like this previously… the louder I groan the more turned on he turns into… the more turned on he progresses toward becoming.. the more he attempts to influence me to groan louder… .I absolutely never need him to stop… . between breaths I again inquire as to whether he might want a glass of water, he answers “yes ma’am ” … he downs his water, I taste my glass of wine… . standing we kiss, he reveals to me the wine taste great from my lips, he lifts me up, my legs wrapped around his abdomen energetically kissing, I can feel him pounding his hard rooster between my rear end cheeks… pulling back… running my hands through his hair… . I request that he lie on the floor.