She didn’t think Alexa would let her touch her—on the other hand, she never thought anybody would let her touch them. Julia was bashful, she knew it, yet at the same time, that didn’t prevent her wants from coursing through her body, similar to some other young lady.

Timidity didn’t appear to be available this early evening as Julia’s hands kept running up the back of Alexa’s legs, prodding underneath her dress. There was no protection. She pulled Alexa nearer to her. Their lips met, at that point in a flash secured an enthusiastic kiss. No, there was no protection by any means. Julia just felt the equivalent draw of her new sweetheart, touching her in a similar way. They needed each other, there was no denying it.

Julia groaned delicately and squeezed her lips all the more strongly against Alexa’s mouth.

“Julia couldn’t in any way, shape or form be in this as much as I am,” Alexa thought as she attempted to keep her poise, her lips squeezed against Julia’s, her tongue moving daintily inside her flavorful little mouth. “She’s regularly so bashful… ”

“I can’t trust Alexa isn’t ceasing me,” Julia reconsidered as she pushed her tongue further into Alexa’s mouth. She opened her eyes and challenged a speedy look at Alexa, delighted to see her sweetheart’s eyes were pressed firmly closed. “God, she’s so wonderful,” she deplored, still not exactly trusting that it was Alexa, her ravishing brunette flat mate that she was kissing.

It felt so dreamlike… viewing Alexa every one of these months as they turned out to be better and better companions… coolly inquiring as to whether she at any point dated ladies, yet not consistently accepting an answer. She knew she did—Julia had gotten Alexa bringing a sweetheart over from a bar one night… what a night it had been. Julia still got wet recollecting the hints of the two young ladies groaning behind the shut room entryway as she covered up oblivious to tune in.

Truly, her flat mate dated young ladies, yet for reasons unknown, she declined to ever discuss it. That specific sweetheart was gone the next morning when Julia woke up, and Alexa never…